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HP VH240a Review

Denis Leskovets
Denis Leskovets

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hp vh240a computer monitor

Finding the right monitor for any given workspace isn’t easy. There are so many options to choose from, and value plus performance are crucial priorities. With so many different features to consider while shopping around, the possibilities can become a bit overwhelming.

The HP VH240a proves to be an excellent model at an incredibly affordable price. Great for office-related tasks with excellent image quality and built-in speakers, this monitor is a perfect addition to any workspace.

Continue reading for an in-depth review of the HP VH240a to find out more about this versatile and affordable computer monitor.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Monitor

The right monitor can help to create a comfortable workspace that promotes an ergonomic position while in the sitting position. It can also serve as a convenient option for a second screen or a great addition to an existing workspace for multi-monitor setups.

A high-performing monitor can improve the image quality of shows, movies, and video games, enhancing them to look even better.

Here is what to consider when choosing a monitor:

Is the VH240a Right for You?

The HP VH240a is a 23.8” IPS monitor. It delivers Full HD resolution, and it’s a great budget-friendly monitor option. Extras like the portrait mode, wide viewing angle, and tilt make this monitor a versatile addition to any workspace. The narrow edges create a sleek and modern look, sure to enhance any setup.

However, this monitor might not be a good option for a gaming monitor. The 5ms response time is too low to prevent lag when gaming online. Alternatively, gaming monitors with a much faster response time of around 1ms are easy to find at a slightly higher price.

The refresh rate of 60 Hz is standard for work and personal use, but gaming proves to be a bit slow. A 120 Hz monitor is ideal for most online games.

HP VH240a – All the Details

The next step in the HP VH240a review is to look at the different features of the monitor.

Image Quality

The IPS LED-backlit panel has an impressive two million pixels. It can reproduce 16.7 million colors and cover 72% of the sRGB gamut. The 23.8” screen features narrow bezels to provide the largest screen possible. Image quality is excellent with sharp contrasts, bright colors, and precise details.

The combination of Full HD resolution and large screen size offers optimal visibility for professional and personal applications. However, note that the sRGB gamut covers a narrower color range than other standards like the NTSC gamut. Higher performing monitors that cover a more comprehensive range of colors are available but cost significantly more.


One of the standout features of the HP VH240a is the portrait mode. The monitor pivots at a 90° angle, so users can switch between landscape and portrait mode as needed.

The monitor tilts on a -5 to 30° axis to adjust the viewing angle based on the user’s height. Such adjustments can help workers to adopt a more ergonomic sitting position.

The 178° viewing angle makes this monitor more versatile. Enjoy a crisp image even while not sitting directly in front of the monitor.

There are built-in speakers with two 2W channels. The speakers are a convenient feature for smaller desks, but it’s worth upgrading the factory setup with external speakers for better sound quality.

The monitor has a built-in stand that provides a sturdy base. Otherwise, remove it to mount the display on a wall instead.


The 5ms response time delivers a fluid image. The HP VH240a has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is standard for office monitors but too low for gaming.

The power consumption is where the monitor truly shines. It doesn’t consume more than 27W, which is considerably lower than the average power consumption of 35W of a smaller 17” LCD monitor.


There are two ports in the back of the monitor, including a VGA and HDMI port. The monitor also supports HDCP, great for use as a second screen for a laptop or as part of a dual-monitor setup.


Here are some common questions about the HP VH240a.

Does HP VH240a have speakers?

Yes, there are built-in speakers. The HP VH240a comes with two 2W channels. They should be used as a backup audio source since the audio quality is bland.

Does HP VH240a have a VESA mount?

The answer is yes. There is a VESA mount in the back of the display to easily mount on a wall. It’s a 100-meter VESA mounting pattern that will have to be purchased separately.

Does the HP VH240a rotate into portrait mode?

Yes, the VH240a monitor rotates at a 90° angle to switch between the landscape and portrait modes.

The Best Affordable Business Monitor

The HP VH240a is a budget-friendly monitor that delivers excellent performance in its price range. It’s a perfect choice for professional and personal use, but gaming has some limitations because of the response time and refresh rate.

The image quality, large screen size, and low power consumption make this monitor ideal for everyday use. Features like the tilting angle, wide viewing angle, portrait mode, and second monitor compatibility are great for upgrading any workspace.