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Best Monitors for Working From Home

Denis Leskovets
Denis Leskovets

Productivity Optimization Geek

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The pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of our life, especially when it comes to how we work. The growth of remote jobs has been climbing for the last five years, but exploded with 58% of employees preferring remote work post-pandemic.

The WFH lifestyle is a hard adjustment from the previous norm. Tech has been a critical component of the WFH and the right monitor can make or break your workflow.

Right now, we’re going to help you get a headstart on a monitor investment to transform your computer sessions for work or play.

P.S. “Transform” is a big word, but since most of us look at the thing for 8+ hours a day, we think it’s fitting! Just reducing eye strain alone is worth the investment.

Best 32-Inch Monitors for Working from Home

Larger displays are often needed for professionals who need to see the bigger picture or cover significant portions of screen real estate with detailed data.

Best 32-Inch 4K Monitor for Working from Home

Best For: Finance, Construction, Engineering, R&D, Word Processing

LG 32UP83A-W

Thanks to the 4K display, the days of constantly zooming to view fine details in programs like AutoCAD are over. 4K is the highest panel resolution that is mass market and is the primary monitor metric for highly detail-oriented workflows like engineering, architecture, and R&D. This is the best large monitor for working from home when considering all factors.

The LG also fits the bill for creative pros that need a large space for housing, editing, and reviewing footage all in one window. They will enjoy this panel’s wide color gamut, covering 95% of DCI-P3 for work in Final Cut and Photoshop.

Stock or crypto traders will be able to capture everything in view that they need. Having essential market trackers like thinkorswim or E*TRADE alongside financial reports can make or break your trades.

Those who use company laptops for work won’t be left behind here, either. This display offers a USB-C connection with two downstream USB ports, giving you several connection options.

While this display may come with USB ports, it is not a KVM switch. Meaning, if you need to switch between multiple devices (such as Sysadmins, or those who switch from work computers to personal ones), you won’t be able to without a hassle.

What We Love

Thanks to the 4K resolution, viewing anything from 3D renders to stock charts will look crisp and clear.

Four different display inputs paired with two USB ports mean that this panel can easily be used for other devices. You can even use it for gaming consoles/PCs if you want to blow off some steam.

LG opted to include an ergonomic stand that allows height and tilts adjustment and can pivot vertically for developers and writers.

Things To Consider

Only coming in at 60Hz, this industry-standard refresh rate won’t be wowing any 3D animators or gamers who need to render things higher than 60fps.

As lovely as a 32-inch display is, it requires some serious desk space if you prefer a dual monitor display.

Best Budget 32-Inch 2K Monitor for Working from Home

Best For: Finance, Construction, Engineering, R&D, Word Processing

Sceptre E325B-QPN168

Don’t be fooled by this monitor’s gamer-focused visuals, as this can easily fit into a WFH setup for those who want to work and play. Sporting a 2K resolution and extra-wide 120% sRGB color gamut, 3D modeling, and architecture software like SketchUp will look crisp and detailed. However, the color gamut is a little too wide for those who need accurate colors, like designers.

It does include an IPS panel and an ergonomic stand for plenty of viewing angles and maximum off-axis comfort. Sceptre also offers “gaming covers,” which are blinders that can be fixed to the sides of your display to reduce glare and improve your focus on the task at hand.

However, this panel is best suited for those who need a bare-bones approach to their home office. This is the pick for the non-techies that want a large display on a budget, which does not sacrifice the critical resolution and ergonomic features that are critical for working from home. The display lacks any USB ports, instead opting for some mounted speakers that sound average at best.

Sceptre is occasionally known to have some quality control issues. Owners have reported dead/stuck pixels out of the box. Some also find the brightness too bright, leading to light bleed on dark edges.

What We Love

It’s rare to see a 2K, IPS display at this price point, and the panel doesn’t suffer in other aspects like the color gamut.

The high refresh rate paired with the wide color gamut makes this ideal for those who work in Blender and AutoCAD and also game during downtime.

Things To Consider

Sceptre isn’t exactly known for the best quality out of the box, and you may end up needing to return this under warranty.

Several owners have remarked the monitor is too bright, which results in eye strain and light bleeding through the edges.

Best 27-Inch Monitors for Working from Home

Most people that use a computer for everyday work don’t necessarily need a massive screen to get the job done. A quality 27-inch monitor setup can work wonders, and it’s small enough to still fit in a dual monitor setup for a sizeable boost in productivity.

Best 27-Inch 4K Monitor for Working from Home

Best For: Accounting, Consulting, Education, Government, Customer Support, Finance, HR, Marketing

LG 27UP650-W

The LG is for those looking for a no-nonsense professional-grade monitor with a significant form factor. This display offers a stellar ergonomic stand, coming with height and tilt adjustment. It can also flip vertically, making it ideal for consultants and customer support workers who often need to consume a lot of text at once, like MS Outlook or Excel sheets.

The panel also offers a high resolution with excellent color accuracy, sporting 4K alongside a 95% DCI-P3 color gamut.  These features should entice office workers, as a higher resolution can help reduce eye strain, and make text and images sharper. Plus, if you want to watch videos on YouTube or Netflix after-hours, the picture is impeccable.

LG has opted to double-down on their no-frills approach to this monitor, which shows with its connectivity. At this price point, we’d hope to see at least some USB connections. Instead, the panel comes with a single DisplayPort and two HDMI ports, all at 60Hz.

What We Love

27-inch monitors are ideal for simple multi-monitor setups, and these offer superior ergonomics to reduce neck strain and conform to most desk setups.

Thanks to its high resolution and wide color gamut, this works wonders for those who do light Photoshop or PowerPoint work, with Zoom calls looking crisp as well.

Things To Consider

Looking at other monitors at this price point, we would be much happier to see displays that offer USB connectivity.

For the money you’re spending on this display, you’d hope to get a higher refresh rate or more connection options.

Best Budget 27-Inch 2K Monitor for Working from Home

Best For: Accounting, Consulting, Education, Government, Customer Support, Finance, HR, Marketing

Sceptre E275B-QPN168

Like the other Sceptre monitor on our list, this gaming-centric monitor offers more than a competitive edge. It features a DisplayPort and three HDMI outputs, which allows this monitor to connect to several devices or even switch to your home PC to relax.

This display even offers an ergonomic stand to help reduce eye and neck strain. They also provide optional covers and keep your field of view clear of distractions.

HR Professionals will find these monitors ideal, as their small size works well alone or in pairs to keep up payroll software as well as shift scheduling with software like BambooHR and Gusto.

Speaking of relaxing, this display offers an excellent refresh rate that works for gamers and those who work with 3D models, such as architects and CAD professionals. Two ports support 144hz, meaning any visuals will look smooth and crisp.

Sceptre does suffer from poor quality assurance on their monitors. Many users have reported their display only reaching 120hz refresh rate and backlight bleed on dark images.

What We Love

Thanks to the included ergonomic stand, you can fit this display into any position to ensure the risk of eye and neck strain is as low as possible.

144Hz refresh rate paired with a 2K resolution along with a vast color gamut make Zoom calls and presentations look, frankly, presentable!

Things To Consider

Several owners have reported issues with backlight bleed, making these monitors hard to use in a dark environment with dark images on the screen.

Some reports of this display not reaching its advertised refresh rate with all devices. Some Windows 11 users have stated that it won’t support HDR.

Best 24-Inch Monitors for Working from Home

Those who might not want a big flashy display can opt-in for smaller monitors. 24-inch panels tend to be affordable and work well for accountants, government workers, and educational workers who don’t need frills. These multitasking professions require a dual monitor setup to enjoy productive work sessions.

Best 24-Inch 1080p Monitor for Working from Home

Best For: Accounting, Consulting, Education, Government, Customer Support, Finance, HR, Marketing

The ultimate no-frills monitor, HP’s 24mh has you covered. This display encompasses all of the basics for any WFH setup that doesn’t need fancy visuals or many options, yet the fundamentals are in check.

HP’s monitor includes HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA input for older machines. This is great for those now transferring to the work-from-home lifestyle who don’t necessarily have top-of-the-line computer or enterprise company devices.

You don’t expect much for extra features at this price point, but this display manages to offer a little more than others. It comes with an ergonomic stand and offers built-in speakers that work great for Zoom calls or quick video consumption.

This display is also ideal for a multi-monitor display without being a table hog. Those who often need to have multiple windows open, such as customer support or accountants, will find a pair of these to be an efficient investment in their job.

What We Love

Consultants, accountants, and HR specialists who need multiple displays without breaking the bank.

It’s rare to see a monitor at this price point that offers this much, especially with its decent refresh rate and VGA option.

Things To Consider

While this display can handle casual content consumption, it’s a poor choice for anyone looking to do much else than work and YouTube.

Several users have reported screen burn-in, ghosting, and some monitors being dead on arrival.

Best Monitors for Working from Home by Use Case

Not every job has the same needs when it comes to displays. The requirements of a photo editor or a graphic designer can be vastly different from a stockbroker, so let’s look at some specific cases:

Best Monitor for Working from Home for Creative Professionals

Best For: Photo Editors, Video Editors, Graphic Designers

BenQ PD2700U

Anyone who works with art knows that color accuracy is one of the most important aspects of a computer monitor. Whether you’re editing photos or creating digital art, this display has you covered.

Not only does it support 100% sRGB, but the display is also Pantone validated. Colors are accurate and the art you make will look identical on other devices.

This display also offers excellent connection options, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and MiniDisplayPort. BenQ opted to include a DisplayPort output, so users can daisy-chain multiple monitors together if needed. It also has a built-in USB hub, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a USB-C or Thunderbolt connection.

However, several owners have reported issues with their displays. Concerns include overly-saturated colors or dead pixels. It also seems that BenQ has been somewhat hard to contact, meaning warranty returns can prove challenging.

What We Love

BenQ’s is confident that this display will wow you; each panel is professionally calibrated before being sent to you, with an included color calibration report.

Thanks to its ample screen size and 4K resolution, this display is excellent for those who can’t reasonably afford a dual monitor setup while also perfect for future investment.

Things To Consider

Several reports of users receiving monitors that are either dead-on-arrival or the colors are too oversaturated to use. Paired with some who have had difficulty getting a warranty claim processed, it might be risky.

It seems those who are would need to daisy-chain monitors together (such as those working off company laptops); these displays don’t allow that if you also plan to use the USB hub as a KVM switch.

Best Monitor for Working from Home for Mac

Best For: iMac and Macbook Pro Power Users

LG 27UP850-W

Those who need an all-around display to ft into their Mac lifestyle will want to look at this display. It offers some fantastic color accuracy for creatives, including a 95% DCI-P3 color gamut. Anyone who works with colors on a Mac will be pleased.

LG’s display offers a powered USB-C option that can support both Mac Mini’s and MacBooks. If you have a separate machine for personal use, it includes two USB ports to clear up clutter or function as a KVM switch.

It even offers an excellent ergonomic stand that comes with height, tilt, and pivot options. This makes it remarkable for those who prefer portrait mode or reduce neck strain.

However, there are some issues with using unofficial third-party cables over Apple’s cables. Reports of low resolution and flickering are common for those who use the included Thunderbolt cable.

What We Love

Offering a 4K resolution and stellar color accuracy, this panel works wonders in Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, and even FaceTime.

The included stand offers height, tilt, and pivot adjustment, making it ideal for those who want to reduce neck strain while working.

Things To Consider

This panel comes with a risk of perhaps not working out of the box- whether it’s due to the included cable or wishy-washy Mac support, we don’t know.

Dual Monitors For Work From Home Productivity

Long gone are the days of a single monitor setup for most workers in the digital age. It’s been scientifically proven that working with a dual-monitor setup increases overall productivity.

Having the option to open multiple windows across multiple screens is an incredible tool, regardless of your profession. Being able to switch between applications and collaborate better through Zoom and Slack is tough to pass up.

Not everyone has the space or budget to support a multi-monitor setup. Those looking at an expensive larger monitor might be pleasantly surprised by the better flexibility of two smaller monitors. After all, it’s an investment in your time and productivity, and your time is valuable.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Work From Home Monitor

Not all monitors are alike, and there are plenty of situations where one person might need a different feature than another.

What type of work will the monitor be used for?

Those who work primarily with visual mediums like art, photo, video, and design should prioritize color accuracy over most other features. This is true for anyone using Adobe Creative Suite programs or Final Cut Pro.

Those who work mainly with office software like Excel, Outlook, and Word can get away with any monitor but should look for larger screens or a multi-monitor setup for better screen real estate.

What ergonomic features do you need?

Ergonomics can also be an essential feature for those who often spend large amounts of time looking at a screen. Reducing the chance of eye or neck strain can assure that you don’t run into any health problems and can stay focused on the task at hand.

Anyone who does a lot of text consumption, whether writing, reading, or coding, might prefer to have a display that can pivot to a portrait view. That way, they can see everything they’re working on.

What are your dealbreaker, must-have features?

Anyone who wants to convert their current home PC to a work-from-home station might look for better ergonomics or high resolution and refresh rate to make it easy on the eyes.

Refresh rate isn’t typically crucial for most workers unless they prefer to play video games in their downtime. However, anyone who might want to consume content or game during downtime and breaks might like something in the 120-144Hz range.


Questions about work from home monitors? We have the answers.

Most monitors with built-in speakers leave something to be desired. They’re often underused, but some may prefer these to external speakers. LG’s 27UN850-W has the best onboard speakers for current monitors, making them reasonable for meetings and watching YouTube tutorials for work.

With the transition to WFH comes the need to keep up with work meetings and casual hangouts with family. Dell’s S2722DZ monitor not only offers a built-in 5-megapixel webcam, it even pops in and out of the display for security.

If you need a simple, no-frills experience or a quick upgrade to a dual-monitor setup, HP has you covered. Their M27ha display offers an HD display that can also pivot to portrait if needed and doesn’t break the bank.

Suppose screen real estate is the most important to you. In that case, you might be interested in the 32UP83A from LG. Not only does it offer a beautiful 32-inch 4K display, but it also has excellent color accuracy and USB/USB-C ports.

Anyone who wants to get genuinely productive should look into a dual-monitor setup. I recommend dual 27-inch monitors myself, as that’s the biggest most office professionals will need. Having them attached to a VESA mount can give you better ergonomics than most monitors offer with the included stand.

It’s also important to consider a webcam and microphone or headset, based on your needs. Having a decent webcam and headset can go a long way if you spend much time on client calls or Zoom meetings.