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Best Computer Monitors for Music Production in 2022

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music producer sitting in front of a ultrawide computer monitor

Size is king. 

All big producers wished they had a bigger monitor size at one point or another. 

In addition, behind talent and hardware, the monitor that fits you best is the next critical factor in music production. 

Your best music, beats, slaps… 

That being said, monitors manifest themselves in different configurations. Coming up are the top monitors, used by pros, for DAW music production.

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Best 43-Inch Monitor for Music Production

LG 43UN700-B

43 inches is about as big of a computer monitor as you can get. 

The amount of screen real estate for your timeline, channel mixers, plugins, and reference material is bar none.

You’ll be blown away by the size of this behemoth on your desk. 

Right, the desk. Double-check that it’s big enough. 

If you ever try to mix on a small screen like a tablet, laptop, or even a phone, you know the amount of frustration and pain that is caused by having to switch views between the rack, the timeline, and mix windows. 

A 43 in monitor not only eliminates this problem but provides enough real estate to produce two full-bodied tracks at once! 

The monitor itself has a few goodies like USB-C, HDR10, 4 Screen-split views, and other features for increased productivity. 

There is a key point to keep in mind. 

This class of monitors has issues with text clarity on the sub-pixel level. 

On top of that, the monitor’s 4K resolution is stretched across 43 inches. 

What this comes down to is when you are sitting close to the monitor you’ll have sub-par clarity in the text or small details compared to a 32 inch 4K monitor. 

This issue currently spans all monitors in this class, including the LG, Dell, and Samsung. The other details?

You will be moving your head more than you are used to. It’s the trade-off of viewing so many windows at once. The question is… will it help you make better music faster? 

The unit is bright! It runs at 400 nits of peak brightness. Compare that to the 250 nits industry average. 

Speakers are 10W and are obviously ehh compared to your studio monitors. Basically an emergency backup sound solution. 

The stand is sturdy and supports this big boy. 38.5 pounds after all! 

The connections are great with multiple HDMI ports, along with DisplayPort, USB-C, USB, and a headphone jack.

The USB-C has power delivery to charge and deliver video and audio signal over a single cable from a laptop.

Overall, it’s one of the best computer monitors for music production.

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Best 32-Inch Monitor for Music Production

LG 32UN650-W

The sweet spot. 

This 32-inch LG lands right in the middle of value and productivity. 

This LG has 4K for crispy details but it can have an effect on DAW performance if you don’t have modern, think 2017 or so, computer equipment, or a dedicated graphics card.

With a height-adjustable stand, you can make sure your production and editing sessions don’t strain your neck and shoulders.

Or, opt to mount this to your wall as it is also VESA compatible.

Honestly, this might be the best route to go since the stand could be sturdier. 

If you’re working on any music videos on the side, you’ll appreciate the wide color gamut included in this monitor

Plus, as far as integrated speakers go, these are ok. There are two 5 watt speakers, which is more than you’ll get with most monitors. Ideally, though, you’ll only use these speakers as a backup. 

Now, for max efficiency, you may want two monitors. Man, what a time saver it is to always have the timeline in sight!

For the second monitor, maybe you have a spare lying around or you even decide to pick up two of these puppies.

Or, with 32 inches, you might find that your laptop screen plus the monitor adds up to enough space for you.

Just remember, if you do opt for 2 monitors: 

Where will you plug them in? (HDMI, DisplayPort, etc.) 

Will your computer graphics handle it and not impact DAW your performance?

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Best Budget 32-Inch Monitor for Music Production

LG 32QK500-C

If you’re on a tight budget, but still want one of the best computer monitors for music production, this bad boy fits the bill. 

Naturally, screen real estate is your main concern to speed up your music production and avoid having to waste your time flicking between windows.

When you compare the LG 32QK500-C, 32-inch monitor, to your average 15 to 17-inch laptop screen, the difference is undeniable. 

You get double (or more!) the real estate! 

That means you’ll have plenty of space to throw all your mix windows up on the screen.

The best part? You don’t even have to break the bank to do it! 

Now, obviously, with a budget monitor, some compromises are made. 

Namely, this monitor offers 2K resolution instead of the top-notch 4K. 

Yet, unless you’re getting into some video and photo editing, you’ll still get a crisp enough image to see what you’re doing and get that music made.

Another downside is that this monitor has no built-in speakers

This shouldn’t be an issue because who wants to use integrated speakers anyway? They are notoriously…(how shall we put this?)…awful! 

Yet, be aware that if your speakers are on the fritz, you won’t have a backup.

When it comes to 32-inch monitors, you can’t beat this affordable price and overall solid performance.

If your budget is on the cheaper side, this should top your list of the best computer monitors for music production.

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Best Budget 27-Inch Monitor for Music Production

HP M27ha

While not overwhelming in size, a 27-inch monitor is still a big step up from your average computer screen. 

At this affordable price, you could even consider this monitor as a second screen. It’s VESA compatible, which means you can attach it to your wall, leaving your desk space free for all of your other equipment.

The HP can be easily placed in a vertical setting, meaning you won’t have to turn your head too far if you do decide to use it as a second screen. 

Imagine using it as a dedicated plugins screen, for your piano roll, or as an editing screen. 

One annoying thing about this monitor is that the built-in speakers always try to override your external speakers. This only seems to be a problem when your computer restarts. But still, it’s a pain to always have to adjust this setting. 

The display brightness is at 250 nits, the industry average, won’t knock your socks off, but is good enough for the average user.

A 27-inch monitor is a minimum for music production. With the budget being our primary concern, this is our choice recommendation for a productive production flow.

Although a tad bit more expensive than other options, this HP has ergonomic height adjustment features which will alleviate neck strain and increase music production efficiency. 

Although it’s not the number one on our list of best computer monitors for music production, it will certainly get the job done and give you a leg up from the average computer screen.

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Best Touch Screen Monitor for Music Production

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

A touch screen = game changer. 

Many music producers love the ease and workflow of using a touch screen.

But, before you get excited about it, make sure the DAWs you want to use supports multi-touch. 

Today, most DAWs are moving in this direction, but do double-check that your favorite DAWs will be up to the challenge before you make an investment in a touch screen monitor.

That said, a full-sized touch screen like the one that comes with this Microsoft Surface Studio computer is the way to go for upping your productivity.

Just imagine adjusting a few faders at once! It makes life so much easier and can make a significant difference in the time you’ll have to spend working on a song.

It’s almost like working with a mixing console! 

Unfortunately, there are no good touch screen monitors sold individually – which is why we’ve recommended this full computer set-up.

As far as this Microsoft Surface Studio goes, the monitor’s stand can be configured at a low angle for ultimate ease of use of the touch screen. 

Plus, it’s a fairly large screen, giving you 28 inches of real estate where you can fit multiple windows and tracks while you work. 

As you can imagine at this price point, the screen’s resolution is as good as they come, above 4K.

The computer is also equipped with 4 processors and 16 GB of RAM for quick processing that won’t get stuck even when working with powerful DAWs and multiple tracks at once. 

Ultimately, if this computer and touch screen is within your budget, why not give yourself the gift of one of the best computer monitors for music production?

Obviously, this is more than just a monitor.

If you choose to go down this road, you’ll get the best touchscreen on the market available for Windows users and a solid music-making machine to boot.

We love this as one of the best computer monitors for music production.

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Best Budget Ultrawide Monitor for Music Production

LG 38WK95C-W

Hello, space!

This ultrawide 38-inch screen will give you ample room for dozens of tracks, mix windows, and even your plugins.

A major feature of this monitor is that it is curved.

Many producers love the curve because it makes the screen easier on the eyes for long production sessions. You won’t find yourself moving your head back and forth as much to scan the screen thanks to that curve. 

This LG also offers a top-notch resolution. You can’t get much better than 4K, which gives you a super crisp image despite the size of the screen.

Also, the 10-watt speakers are better than most integrated audio options, and so can save your neck should your main speakers flake out or you need to use the screen away from the studio.

For a monitor this size, the base is relatively sleek and won’t take up your whole desk. That said, the monitor is 38 inches and curved, so you’ll need a wide, deep desk for it to fit well.

Overall, this powerhouse of a monitor can increase your productivity by eliminating your need to flick between windows. Plus, it will help you avoid eye strain as you power through hours of editing.  

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Producers need answers. Let’s go.

How many monitors do you need for music production?

Some people love having multiple monitors while others hate it. How can you decide what’s right for you?

Multiple monitors allow you to easily reference extras like plugins and display dozens of tracks at once. 

Who really likes toggling between multiple windows to find that timeline or mix window? 

When you have two screens, you can easily use one of them as a dedicated space for your plugins or timeline and throw everything else up on the other screen.

So, what are the downsides?

Mainly, it can be TOO much space. It may be hard to imagine, but in practice, you’ll literally have to move your head to see between monitors. 

Over time, that can get tiring. Plus, it involves more mouse movement to get between screens. 

One way to mitigate this is to set one monitor up vertically next to a horizontal monitor so you’ll turn your headless.

Ultimately, one monitor that’s 27 inches or bigger should be enough space for the average music production creative. If you decide to go for two, test various setups to achieve the best outcomes.