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Best Monitors for Mac Mini M1

Denis Leskovets
Denis Leskovets

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mac mini m1 with a monitor

Apple’s brand new foray into making their own processors was something of a shock to the consumer tech world. These powerful new chips brought along the new Mac Mini M1 as a new powerhouse workstation.

Professionals who prefer working in the MacOS ecosystem are often designers, video editors, and creative professionals who need specific requirements not all computers (or displays) can meet.

Here are your points of consideration for displays powered by the MacOS powerhouses:

Best Monitors by Size for Mac Mini M1

Big or small? Pick your poison.

Best 43-Inch, 4K Monitor for Mac Mini M1

LG 43UN700T-B

LG’s 43UN700-TB display offers a variety of utility for those working in the office or from home. It offers multiple PC support, granting you the ability to collaborate with coworkers in the office.

In a home office, creative pros can use this to switch between their Mac M1 Mini to a gaming PC or console to blow off some steam.

The panel offers a vibrant color gamut, yet its 72% NTSC is not enough for creative professionals. Some users reported issues with the out-of-the-box settings being overly saturated or the brightness too dim. You’ll need to tweak the settings to find what best works for you.

We feel it’s important to note this particular version, also known as the TB version, does not come with an typical stand, rather two “feet” at opposite ends of the monitor. You can find the B version, with a typical stand, here. The units share the same display panel.

What We Love

It supports multiple devices, which means you can switch between them depending on your workflow.

Things To Consider

Users reported some issues with the default settings not letting this monitor reach its full potential, and might require tweaking.

Best 32-Inch, 4K Monitor for Mac Mini M1

LG 32UL950-W

While this panel might not be the newest on the block, it’s a reliable and vibrant display. The display’s colors are stellar too, boasting a DCI-P3 98% color accuracy. Meaning video editors, photographers, and media consumers will have their eyes pleased.

Software developers and office workers will enjoy the ergonomic stand, allowing it to move around and even be flipped vertically. Streamers will find this display handy, as the vertical view helps to read viewer chats. This monitor also offers a good refresh rate for gamers who are streaming their gameplay.

It’s important to note this display has some specific issues when connected to Mac Mini’s via Thunderbolt. A handful of reports mention issues with the display not working, or flashing strange error messages. It would seem this can be solved by using HDMI over Thunderbolt.

What We Love

High color accuracy (98% DCI-P3) paired with its DisplayHDR rating means this is suited to handle different media tasks, such as video and photo editing and content consumption.

Things To Consider

Several users reported issues with this display working with Thunderbolt for video out, which can put a damper if you prefer it to HDMI.

Best 27-Inch, 4K Monitor for Mac Mini M1

LG 27UP850-W

LG once again has brought us a stellar display for creatives and office workers. It boasts a similar color accuracy to other monitors on our list, with a DCI-P3 95% color gamut compared to 98% for other displays. This means it’s fantastic for photographers, video editors, and graphic designers who need as much accuracy as possible, without breaking the bank.

Developers and office workers will enjoy this display’s sharp image, making text easy to read. It also can be flipped vertically for developers to have a dedicated coding monitor for ultimate readability.

Several owners have reported issues with this monitor connecting to Macbook Pros and Mac Mini via USB-C and HDMI. This is most often due to using third-party, unofficial Apple cables. Your mileage might vary, as we can’t seem to find one specific reason why.

What We Love

This display rocks a 95% DCI-P3 color accuracy and has 1080p resolution for easy text consumption, making it a good choice both for streamers and office workers.

Things To Consider

There are some out-of-the-box issues with unofficial cables and the included cables working with some Mac devices.

Best Budget Monitors for Mac Mini M1

Kicking it on a budget? Let’s make your penny a pretty one.

Best Budget 32-Inch, 4K Monitor for Mac Mini M1

LG 32UD60-B

The first of the budget monitors on our list, this panel offers some stellar features for its price point.

Streamers and content consumers will love this monitor. It has AMD’s FreeSync technology, meaning games and videos will run buttery smooth. At 95% DCI-P3 colors, it has pretty good color accuracy, but not enough for creative professionals who truly need the best colors.

Office workers will find this display simple and with no extra flair, making it excellent for distraction-free working on a budget.

However, some users report the display’s cheap body housing and poor speakers, so be aware. For connectivity, it also only comes with the bare minimum of one HDMI input and one DisplayPort, which is good enough for most users, but you won’t be able to connect your Mac via Thunderbolt.

LG has also opted to use a VA panel over an IPS panel for this monitor. This means that looking from the side might distort the picture, but the contrast is much better.

What We Love

It does feature a wide color gamut and 4K resolution, making it an excellent choice for editors and developers who might want a little extra outside of work.

Things To Consider

Barebones as far as features go, only offering two inputs for display connectivity.

Best Budget 27-Inch, 4K Monitor for Mac Mini M1


You’d think a display for this price would leave something to be desired when it comes to color accuracy. AOC opted to not only ship this display with 100% sRGB means this is suited for office workers and streamers. Fledgling videographers might enjoy it too, as one user reported to reach 91% DCI-P3 color gamut with calibration.

Developers will be pleased with its sharp contrast, making slight changes in text color pop. This makes code easier to read when paired with a good theme for Visual Studio.

Some users have reported the quality control of these panels is poor, with several stating they had issues with the display after a few months up to a year of use. Buyers will need to beware and hope this issue has been resolved.

What We Love

Not only does this panel come with almost full coverage of the sRGB spectrum, but it also offers a narrow bezel making it aesthetically pleasing to pair with a second monitor for the ultimate workstation.

Things To Consider

AOC’s quality control with these panels have left some users with failing monitors before a full year of use.

Best Budget 24-Inch, 1080p Monitor for M1 Mac Mini

The smallest monitor on our list, but not the worst. It might pack a small form factor, but works for office workers and those who don’t have the luxury of desk space.

It does come with a small variety of ports, meaning it can be connected to up to three devices. However, one of these ports is VGA which you more often than not won’t be needing at all.

An IPS panel works well for viewing angles and the adjustable stand is designed for proper posture during viewing. Adjust the height to where you are looking straight at the monitor, not down at it, as recommended by health experts.

It doesn’t feature most of the fancy bells and whistles you typically see with other monitors, but it gets the job done. This isn’t a monitor for gamers or creative professionals, but purely one for minimalists who just need to get to work.

As a bonus, it also comes with twin speakers that sound pretty good. It does require some fiddling with the monitor’s built-in settings to get the most out of these speakers.

What We Love

This panel offers a narrow bezel and a low blue light mode, making it great in multiples for office workers.

Things To Consider

You get what you pay for, this display doesn’t offer anything extra and has some quality control issues.

Best Monitors for Video Editors using the Mac Mini M1

Pick your weapon of choice. Color, size, and budget all play a part. Invest wisely.

Best 32-Inch, 4K Monitor for Video Editors using the Mac Mini M1

BenQ PD3220U

Those looking to edit videos will be impressed by the sheer number of features this BenQ monitor offers. Not only does it sport high color accuracy across DCI-P3, sRGB and Display P3, it also offers Pantone validation.

This display comes with several fantastic features for video editing. It offers support for hot-swapping color profiles, a KVM switch (for the times you need to switch from your Mac M1 to something else), and BenQ’s own HotKey Puck G2 can be used for switching color profiles and display modes on the fly.

The only real downside of this monitor is it lacks support for Adobe RGB color space. This might be a dealbreaker for some, depending on your work’s needs. However, the range of color support across the board more than makes up for this one missing feature.

What We Love

BenQ’s display offers some of the best color accuracy we’ve seen so far, covering sRGB, Rec. 709, and DCI-P3, and lets you switch between color profiles on the fly with the included Puck.

Things To Consider

Several owners have mentioned issues with the screen flickering, causing them to need to be returned to the manufacturer.

Best Budget 32-Inch, 4K Monitor for Video Editors using the Mac Mini M1

LG 32UL500-W

Just as our other 32-inch aimed for video editors, this panel offers some fantastic color accuracy and plenty of screen space. While it doesn’t offer as much color support as the BenQ, it still has 95% DCI-P3 on a 4K display.

For designers who also enjoy blowing off a little steam after a long day, this display also includes AMD’s FreeSync technology. FreeSync helps games achieve seamless, fluid graphics from their favorite games.

Sadly, this display doesn’t offer much else. Those who are looking for a powered USB hub or Thunderbolt connectivity should be looking at other options. This panel goes barebones after giving the most important features.

It’s important to note this display has reports of some scaling issues with Mac devices if you aren’t running it at 4K. Some users have stated it’s due to the included cables, or not using DisplayPort at all, so your mileage might vary.

What We Love

It sports 4K resolution as well as a 95% DCI-P3 color gamut, making it a wise choice for photo editors and content consumers.

Things To Consider

Some issues with the included cables not working properly with Apple products can lead to mild annoyances.

Best 27-Inch, 4K Monitor for Video Editors using the Mac Mini M1

ViewSonic VP2785-4K

Those who need a powerful display that doesn’t leave a huge footprint, look no further. This monitor comes with 100% Adobe RGB and 96% DCI-P3 color accuracy, meaning your videos will pop with true-to-life colors. ViewSonic has even gone a step further and provides a detailed report of your exact monitor’s color calibration.

One of the most important cons of this display is you cannot use the accompanying color calibration software on M1 Macs. This is something ViewSonic is currently working to fix, but there’s no update as of this writing. You might be able to use the new Rosetta Translation Environment to get it working, but it’s untested.

Some users have reported the included USB-C cable doesn’t support video and power, citing the display doesn’t show any video output. This was only reported with MacBooks however, so it might not have the same issue with Mac Mini M1’s.

What We Love

This panel sports a great ergonomic stand and a wide color gamut, making it excellent for those who need colors to pop, and comfortable to view.

Things To Consider

Not having the ability to calibrate colors on Mac M1 devices means you really have to hope it was calibrated good at the factory first.

Best Budget 27-Inch Monitor for Video Editors using the M1 Mac Mini

LG 27UK500-B

If you’re looking for stellar color accuracy without breaking the bank, this panel has it. While it may not have DCI-P3 coverage, the display offers 98% sRGB coverage instead. This makes it excellent for anyone producing web content, such as YouTube or TikTok videos.

However, some users have reported issues with the color calibration out of the box. Serious editors should be calibrating their monitors once they have them set up, as most companies don’t offer any calibration.

While most editors won’t need the 4k resolution, it does make viewing the display easy on the eyes. Plus, those who want to consume content will enjoy it during off-hours. However, gamers will be disappointed by the 60hz refresh rate.

One of the regrettable qualities of this display is the lack of ergonomics. The stand is quite wide, and there’s no height adjustment for the panel. It also has noticeable bezels on the side, making dual monitors a little less visually appealing.

What We Love

Packing in 4K resolution with excellent sRGB color accuracy makes this a powerful editor display, especially at this price.

Things To Consider

Lacking an ergonomic stand and noticeable bezels makes this tough for those who want the most comfortable viewing experience.

Best 38-Inch, 2K Curved Ultrawide Monitor for Video Editors using the Mac Mini M1

ViewSonic VP3481a

While this display lacks full 4K resolution, it more than makes up for it in other areas. Its built-in USB hub means you can reduce cable clutter on your desk, and even add in standalone hard drives to make up for the lack of storage space on some Mac Minis.

The massive 38 inches provide the ability to view the entire editing timeline in one shot! This is a dream for most editors who have to switch between editing windows in Final Cut.

Just as our other ViewSonic entry, this monitor’s software is not supported by MacOS natively, so you might experience some issues with color calibration.

What We Love

It’s got good real estate, and the built-in USB hub allows you to circumvent the low storage space of lower-end Mac Minis.

Things To Consider

Not having 4K for this price point can be a dealbreaker, and there’s no native MacOS support.

Best Ultrawide Curved Monitors for Mac Mini M1

Wide and curved. Tell me about it.

Best 38-Inch, 2K, Ultrawide Curved Monitor for Mac Mini M1

LG 38WK95C-W

While it might not be the newest panel out there, LG’s offering is still on par with newer displays. It’s got a good amount of screen real estate, making it fantastic for video editors and developers who need multiple windows open for documentation or notes.

Streamers can find some use out of this monitor thanks to its size as well, but the refresh rate is low. It only runs at 60hz, or 75hz with select AMD cards. However, the immersion that comes with ultrawide can often offset the need for high refresh rates.

However, one of the downsides is the age of the display. You might not be able to get the same level of customer service from LG. This panel was released in 2018, so going on four years later there might not be a large demand for service parts.

What We Love

It packs a punch for its age, sporting WQHD+ and a decent refresh rate for such a large monitor.

Things To Consider

The panel might be hard to find service parts for, as it nears four years old.

Best Budget, 34-Inch, 2K, Curved Ultrawide Monitor for Mac Mini M1

Dell S3422DWG

Streamers and home office workers who want to blow off steam, look no further. This display’s ultra-high 144hz refresh rate is fantastic for fast-paced games. Its huge real estate is also good for productivity, making it easy to multitask.

However, those who are looking for a display to aid them in their creative workflow might want to look elsewhere. It does boast a 99% sRGB color gamut, but it doesn’t match other monitors for DCI-P3 color accuracy.

Some users have reported issues with this monitor’s built-in FreeSync support. Streamers looking to use this for their main display might need to use a proper DisplayPort 1.4 cable to reach the maximum refresh rate and avoid flickering.

What We Love

The high refresh rate paired with the huge resolution makes it fantastic for streamers and gamers alike.

Things To Consider

Creative pros need not apply, as this panel only offers 90% DCI-P3 color gamut.


Questions about Mac Mini monitors? We have the answers.

According to Apple’s official technical specs for the Mac Mini M1, it only supports two displays. One display at 6k resolution through Thunderbolt, and one at 4k resolution via HDMI. Some smaller panels might allow daisy-chaining, which means you can spread  Thunderbolt displays across multiple displays.

We’ve seen one user who has managed to set up three displays to his M1 Mac Mini through a USB dual-head graphics adapter, but we haven’t seen any official support. We also found a YouTuber who managed to set up several displays across one Mac Mini, with an explanation of what he used to get it done.

Oftentimes, the included cables that come with monitors aren’t usually high quality. This is apparent when it comes to Apple devices, as they are known to only work with officially licensed products. You should be using authentic Apple Thunderbolt cables when trying to connect your Mac Mini or high-quality HDMI cables.

We’ve heard good stories, and personally use, the CalDigit TS3, with a robust offering of ports for any professional. It can support up to 15 different devices across its wide array of ports, including power delivery to any Thunderbolt or USB device. This hub can handle SD cards, external drives, powering USB devices, and even charging MacBooks.