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Best Monitors for Lawyers in 2022: Does Size Matter?

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Attorneys are nothing if not multitaskers. They’re constantly working on legal briefs, complaints, and similar text-based documents – all at the same time. 

Not only that, but they also need to attend Zoom depositions and virtual hearings – especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who knows when the legal world will return to “normal” but until it does, most work is done on a computer for the time being. 

Legal professionals need the screen real estate to keep track of it all, which is where the right computer monitor comes into play. 

Paralegals and other support staff members have similar workflows, which makes choosing the right computer monitor of critical importance. 

This is particularly true since these professionals are working from home for the foreseeable future.

Even something as seemingly simple as whether to go with a 144 Hz or 240 Hz refresh rate can complicate the process when comparing models. This review article will cover topics including:

You’ll soon have a better idea not just of what features to look for that will legitimately help make your ability to better serve your clients easier… but what monitors will help your specific way of working, too!

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Best 32-Inch Monitor for Lawyers

Asus ProArt Display

The ASUS ProArt Display is a 4K computer monitor which is important because you always want as many pixels per inch as possible when reviewing documents. 

A higher resolution is good for future-proofing your investment, too.

A 32-inch monitor has the benefit of offering a bigger panel for larger text and image sizes, allowing you to review the entire document with ease. A small drawback is the increased rotation of the head because you need to look from side to side in order to see the whole display. 

It also uses a USB-C port for power delivery, making it easy to move around the office if needed.

For the lengthy part of the legal document production process, this monitor also features a variety of adjustability features to help reduce fatigue and issues, with a big example being neck strain. 

You can adjust the height of the monitor to better suit the layout of your desk, for example.

Your neck will certainly thank you after those long sessions.

The major drawback is the built-in speakers sound tinny, meaning they lack enough power to produce a full, accurate sound. Therefore, they are only ideal for use as a backup audio source.

External speakers are good, particularly during video conferences, hearings, and depositions. 

You don’t want to make a mistake in a virtual court hearing because you couldn’t properly hear a judge, after all!

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Best Budget 32-Inch Monitor for Lawyers

LG 32UD60-B

The LG 32UD60-B is a 4K monitor built to deliver accurate colors and a resolution four times traditional high definition.

This will make sure you can clearly see everyone involved in those video conference hearings and meetings with opposing counsel.

At 32-inches, this panel is larger than the average monitor and is suitable for an intense document workflow.

The large size increases productivity by providing for two side-by-side documents open in full size without the need to zoom in as much.

It includes a “Black Stabilizer” feature designed to make dark images brighter – excellent for those long nights in the office burning the midnight oil.

Note the default color settings of the monitor are not totally accurate, so some adjustments will be required.

Speaking of colors, this is where LG cut costs on the unit.

Nonetheless, a large screen with a 4K resolution is critical for legal workflows, with colors coming in second.

The onboard menu system is easy enough to use, so it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time before you can get back to work on those motions.

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Best 27-Inch Monitor for Lawyers

Dell S2722QC

The Dell S2722QC is a 27-inch 4K monitor. It sports a Platinum Silver finish, making it a professional addition to any office, bringing with it a polished look.

It certainly looks nice enough to impress clients when they stop by the office for a meeting.

The height-adjustable stand also includes tilt, swivel, and pivot features for reduced trapezius pressure because of the proper sitting position in front of the monitor. 

During long hours at the office, and the thin bezels draw the eye into the workflow with fewer distractions than other models of the same size.

This makes it ideal for getting as many documents and other materials on-screen at once – good for juxtaposing two files!

For most legal professionals who are looking for ways to maximize their productivity, it’s smart to consider adding two monitors to their desk, not just one.

This way, the first and extend onto the other – essentially doubling the amount of room they have to work with.

This way, one 27-inch monitor handles any task that they are currently engaged in, like if they’re writing a brief, while the other can display any supporting documentation needed for reference. 

You don’t have to go flipping back and forth between windows and can instead just get to work.

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Best Budget 27-Inch Monitor for Lawyers

Sceptre U275W-UPT

The Sceptre 4K monitor is a 27″ panel that has the two primary ingredients for legal professionals – 4K resolution and a larger-than-average screen.

You still get the 4K resolution you need for all of those text documents, and it has other important features that legal professionals will need like Blue Light Shift.

The Blue Light Shift feature cuts down on the harsh blue light that electronic devices commonly give off. It makes for a more comfortable viewing experience, especially during those long hours in the office. 

It’s also wall-mountable, which is a great way to save space on a lawyer’s desk while cutting down on cable clutter at the same time.

Most importantly, multiple ports are included such as HDMI so you can connect external devices you need in the office. That’s perfect for connecting an external display so everyone can see what you’re talking about as you go through a deposition.

Why is it our budget pick?

This monitor lacks height-adjustability which is consequential for long-term posture health.

Wall mount or desk mount using a VESA arm, or better yet, a dual desk mount, use a desk stand, put some books under it, whatever your solution to fight this anti-adjustability “feature” is, implement it.

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Best Ultrawide Curved Monitor for Lawyers

LG 38WK95C-W

The LG is a 38-inch curved, ultrawide monitor with a 21:9 resolution. For practical purposes, it’s as if you took two separate monitors and combined them into one larger unit.

It supports HDR 10 High Dynamic Range for more accurate colors, which again makes a big impact when reviewing photos and visuals of that nature.

Thanks to the additional ports included such as USB-C, the monitor can also act as an external display device for a laptop.

But, at the end of the day, going ultrawide curved is a personal workflow call.

Some lawyers believe that it’s psychologically easier to have two separate monitors and makes fixing documents or windows in place when multitasking easier.

Others cannot live without a curved ultrawide citing the ability to throw up 4 documents side-by-side and having no bezels getting in the way of productivity.

The biggest drawback is that there is a high percentage of applications do not support ultrawide monitors and leave black boxes on each side.

Whatever camp you find yourself in, most lawyers converge on the belief that one monitor, even if it’s an ultrawide is not enough.

A secondary screen will always boost productivity, like having a monitor dedicated to email or a calendar.

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Best Budget Ultrawide Monitor for Lawyers

Philips 343E2E

The Philips is a 34″ ultrawide monitor is a practical way for a lawyer to expand their workstation while still taking up as little space as possible.

The IPS panel includes Philips’ own Ultra Wide-Color technology, which displays more accurate colors and crisper images than competing models. 

As previously mentioned, this is important in order to get the most accurate reproduction possible when you’re reviewing images, videos, and other visual content during trial prep.

You don’t want to make an incorrect argument because the playback of the video you just watched didn’t reflect real life as it should have!

Unfortunately, this model has no built-in speakers at all. If it’s being used as a secondary monitor, it likely won’t be a problem.

However, if it’s your primary display device you’ll definitely need to purchase external speakers – especially given how common video conference meetings have become since the onset of the pandemic. 

If built-in speakers are a must, the ViewSonic VG3448 is a much better option in this price range.

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Points to Consider Before Buying a Legal-Centric Monitor

Let our points of wisdom be a guiding factor in your firm’s investment.

Monitor Size

We don’t even recommend a monitor smaller than 27 inches for legal staff, let alone lawyers.

Unless you enjoy the compact screen size of your tablet or MacBook, you want your monitor to measure at least 27 inches.

It is also wide enough to have dual screens without taking over your desk.

Monitor Resolution

4K resolution is really the optimal choice for working with documents, but it may not be compatible with all operating systems.

Don’t go for a lower resolution unless absolutely required.

4K panels have really come down in price and it’s worth the investment, especially for less eye strain.

Eyecare is expensive enough here in the U.S.

Also scaling can be an issue with Windows, but you won’t have any issues with a Mac OS.

Upgrade to Windows 11 for the least amount of scaling concerns.

Additional Consideration Points

How many windows do you need to open at once?

Do you need a browser and email open or multiple documents?

The number of windows you have open at the same time determines the screen size and its capabilities. Look for a monitor that can handle your workload.

Will you be gaming?

I mean, it can happen! Refresh rates are key for lawyer gamers. Look for a monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher to ensure smooth frame-by-frame action.

What number of monitors is ideal for you?

Look, a dual monitor setup is the minimum monitor investment for a lawyer. Next, consider monitor and desk size. If the monitor doesn’t fit on your desk or with the rest of your components on your desk, it may be a waste of money.


Lawyers always ask questions. Don’t stop now.

Do dual monitors improve productivity for lawyers?

Dual monitors absolutely improve productivity!

They are helpful during situations such as a document review, where you can have one full screen dedicated to the document in question while the other allows you to take notes or perform any other task as needed.

They’re also invaluable during a situation such as a deposition when one screen can be used to display the video feeds of the participants while the other can display notes, pieces of evidence, or any other assets as needed to help everything go as smoothly as possible. 

The only downside is dual monitors obviously take up more space on a desk than a single unit, which can make it difficult to find room for documents and other necessary materials they need.

Should a lawyer use an ultrawide curved monitor?

For someone with the workload of an attorney, it isn’t recommended to use an ultrawide monitor.

For productivity purposes, it’s better to have two 27″ or larger monitors side-by-side than it is to have one ultrawide curved monitor. 

It also affords the opportunity to have each monitor dedicated to a specific task, thus keeping tasks separate as opposed to having everything condensed onto a single screen.