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The Best Monitors with a Webcam

Denis Leskovets
Denis Leskovets

Productivity Optimization Geek

Having a high-quality, functional webcam has become essential. And, while there are plenty of good options for aftermarket webcams, built-in webcams offer more convenience. Luckily the spread of monitors with built-in webcams is increasing to meet the growing demand.

Having the convenience of a built-in webcam shouldn’t mean that you have to give up something else. Our top picks for the best monitors with a webcam focus on monitor size, resolution, webcam quality, and adjustability.

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Round-Up of our Top Picks for Monitors with Webcams

Choosing between a built-in webcam and an aftermarket webcam depends largely on how you will use your monitor. Many of the options that we found to include a built-in webcam will offer full HD displays in 1080p and are ideally suited for business productivity. By comparison, gaming and entertainment monitors have been slower to adopt built-in webcams.

Best 27-Inch Monitors with a Webcam

The 27-inch monitor size is a popular choice. It has more screen space for running multiple apps or programs at once. If you often compare different documents and keep your email open while doing so, you need a screen with ample room, even if you have good eyesight. Seeing all of your data on display at once helps improve productivity.


Designed with multitasking productivity in mind, the HP Business monitor offers all of the tools that you need to get more work done. With a built-in webcam, it is easy to connect to video conference calls without interrupting your day. This monitor offers a full-HD 1080P resolution with a fast, 5ms refresh rate.

The 27” size offers enough real estate to have multiple apps open and displayed simultaneously and is equipped with a built-in HD webcam. This model offers a few more perks for daily work, including 3H anti-glare coating to reduce glare from natural and fluorescent lights. That translates to longer work sessions with less eye strain. It offers connectivity with either VGA, DisplayPort, or USB-C adapters, which works easily with both newer and older model computers.

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Loyal Apple fans will enjoy the technology of Apple’s 5K Retina display with this 27-inch iMac. Unfortunately, if you are not a MacOS user, this option may not be for you. This is an entire desktop system running on MacOS. We love the MacOS user experience, but a learning curve is present when coming from Windows.

For those of you who like integrated design, you can stop fighting compatibility issues and USB cables and go straight to the source with this Apple iMac.

The iMac is more than just a monitor with a built-in webcam. It is an all-in-one computer system that includes everything you need in one ultra-slim 27-inch monitor. It is outfitted with a 6-core, 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and Radeon Pro graphics.

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Best 24-Inch Monitors with a Webcam

For many, especially anyone tight on desk space, a 24-Inch monitor is a sufficient screen size. This size still provides enough screen space to run multiple apps and offers a high-definition display. While many agree that bigger is better, small workspaces just don’t have space for overly large monitors.


Equipped with Dell P Series features designed to boost productivity like Dell Display Manager, allowing users to easily arrange multiple apps in preset layouts. It also includes multiple presets for visuals to optimize for different activities and reduce eye strain

The overall design is slim and takes up little space while offering great flexibility with multiple connection types.

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HP has many great-looking monitors on the market. They seem to favor slim-bezel design for an almost frameless screen and thin, lightweight profile. This monitor further adds to that by including an internal power supply to eliminate the traditional external power brick. 

Although this HP monitor is designed more for productivity in mind than entertainment, it still boasts a nice display panel with a wide range of colors. IPS panels are great for  limiting distortion and offering wider viewing angles.

With a 5 millisecond response time and 60-hertz refresh rate, this monitor is capable of fast-moving applications like video and gaming.

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Best Monitor Webcam

Sometimes it may not make sense to buy a new monitor with a built-in webcam. This is especially true if your current monitor’s specs are better than those of available alternatives. In this case, an external webcam is still a good option. 


The biggest downside to using an aftermarket webcam is that it can stick out like a sore thumb on top of your otherwise nice-looking monitor.

Logitech partnered with industry-leading video chat provider Skype to build this webcam model to deliver a compatible, easy-to-use HD webcam. This camera produces superior video quality with high-definition visuals and crisp, clean sound.

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What to Look for in a Webcam

For starters, finding a webcam that offers a good picture and sound quality is important. Whether you choose to go for a monitor-integrated webcam or buy an aftermarket model that sits on top is usually a matter of personal preference.

If you use a laptop, the chance that a webcam is integrated is more likely than not. But desktop computers do not typically come with integrated webcams unless you choose a monitor with this feature. 

But blindly shopping for the best quality webcam is not always an ideal approach. It is important, but there is no guarantee of compatibility with your current setup. Instead, evaluate options based on these factors.

Check for Hardware Compatibility

Some aftermarket webcams have advanced features that allow for tilting, panning, and zooming. But with more features come bulkier equipment. If you are purchasing an aftermarket webcam, consider how or where it will sit in relation to your monitor. 

Some larger models require an independent stand. Integrated webcams can be a nice solution to bulkiness, but they may be limited in their ability to pan or zoom.

Check for Connectivity Options

Connectivity options are important for both integrated and independent webcams. Many overlook this on integrated webcams, but some models require a USB cord to work, so consider that as part of your overall device connection plan. Aftermarket webcams will require at least one port to connect, and some may need separate ports for video and audio.

Look for HD Resolution & Imaging Features

A low resolution will result in a grainy image. Everyone uses high-definition monitors, and video conferencing is done in high-definition, so a grainy, poor image quality will be noticeable. Invest in a webcam that can produce a high definition picture. 

Another spec that is also discussed in relation to webcams is their frames-per-second of capture speed. Look for a webcam that has around 30 f/s to avoid choppy pictures.

Look for a Quality Lens

Some entry-level models are made with plastic lenses. It is no secret that glass is more commonly accepted for durability and performance. There is not a significant cost difference between plastic and glass, yet a glass lens will be far more durable. Plastic also tends to yellow over time, which will distort the image quality. 


For most video conferencing needs, you don’t need too many bells and whistles. But if you are conducting a lot of online teaching, then some additional features are nice to have. 


Motion-sensing technology makes it easy for a webcam to keep up with you as you move around the room. Hand-in-hand with motion-sense technology, many models offer auto-focusing technology that refocuses the camera as you move and limits blur and distortion. 


Multiple microphones or omnidirectional microphones can also provide much better sound quality. A single microphone may struggle to keep up with you as you move around, making it difficult for participants to hear you. A minimum of two integrated microphones is typically necessary.

Is it Better to Buy an Integrated Webcam?

An integrated webcam is helpful for maintaining a slim, sleek workspace. If you prefer to have a non-obtrusive webcam, many options allow users to ‘pop-up’ the camera when needed and hide it away when it is not.


There are some well-integrated webcams out there, but don’t assume that an integrated webcam means a good quality webcam. Some models offer basic capabilities on integrated webcams, and those features don’t even make the list of marketing specifications.


An aftermarket webcam is a smart option if you already have a high-tech monitor or need advanced videography features. However, an integrated webcam might be the best choice if you are purchasing a new computer or monitor and need a good quality webcam for work videoconferencing.

The Takeaway on the Best Monitor with a Webcam

All-in-all, an integrated webcam for productivity is what we are after here. Our favorite is this HP model, which offers a pleasing design aesthetic in a large-27-inch screen size with ample room for maximizing productivity. 

In addition to nailing the specs for a high-definition display, this model features a fast 5 ms response time and a 60 Hz refresh rate for seamless transitions. And, with an integrated webcam, it can handle whatever tasks your workday throws at it.


Nothing has made the popularity of integrated webcams in monitors more necessary than current remote working trends. A worldwide pandemic has pushed employees and employers to adapt to a new way of working, which in turn has driven demand for better tech options in the form of integrated devices.


We can expect to see bigger and better things to come from the leading tech manufacturers like HP and Dell, especially those that produce productivity equipment. Users should not feel like they have to compromise on the features that they want out of a monitor, with or without a webcam. There are many options featured on our list that offer a high definition display, multi-port connectivity, and a sleek design.