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Best BenQ Monitors by Category

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Denis Leskovets

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BenQ monitors are known for their image quality and advanced technical features that reduce glare while improving resolution.

You won’t go wrong choosing a BenQ monitor, but did you know some are designed with a specific use in mind? Some monitors are best suited for gaming, while others focus on graphic design or come with 4K resolution. Knowing what you need in a monitor makes it easier to pick the right one.

If you aren’t sure which monitor you need, it helps to take a closer look at what each one has to offer. Here are some of the best BenQ monitors for gaming, video editing, and more.

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Best BenQ Monitor for Gaming

BenQ XL2546K

Gamers look for two things in a monitor, a high refresh rate, and crisp images, and the BenQ ZOWIE XL2546K deliver on both aspects.

This is one of the best BenQ monitors for gaming, as the monitor boasts a lightning-quick 240Hz refresh rate. It is fast enough to keep up with first-person shooter games without bogging them down. It does drop down to 120Hz when you connect a PS5 or the Series X Xbox, but it is still fast enough that you won’t notice any problems. Frames still load quickly without any delay.

Color enhancing technology produces deep blacks while ensuring images are crisp and detailed. You can adjust the monitor’s height and tilt to your specifications. The compact base leaves you with plenty of room on the desk for your gaming console and controllers.

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Best BenQ Monitor for Mac

BenQ PD2725U

The BenQ PD2725U is designed for use with Mac laptops and computers. It is ready to go as soon as you connect your Mac. In M mode, the monitor is compatible with Mac color profiles ensuring images are crisp, detailed, and true-to-life. Darkroom and animation modes allow you to edit and compare videos and pictures side-by-side.

With the ability to daisy chain two monitors, you can get more work done in less time. The monitor also boosts productivity with its preset and customizable features that let you set the PD2725U up the way you want.

Long work projectors are hard on your eyes, but the monitor takes care of this with blue light filters and flicker-free technology. It also comes with an ergonomic design. You can adjust the height, pivot, and tilt the monitor to a comfortable viewing angle.

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Best BenQ Monitor for Video Editing

BenQ PD3220U

The BenQ PD3220U comes with everything video editors need to finish their projects. Easily switch between files, photos, and videos on two laptops with the convenient keyboard video mouse. You’ll have everything on one screen for easy access. Switching between the various modes is easy with the Hotkey Puck G2.

AQ color technology ensures colors are accurate and bright. You get 100 percent of the Rec. 709 spectrum.

Along with DualView, which lets you display two files simultaneously on the monitor, it also comes with specialized editing modes. CAD/CAM, animation, and darkroom modes make it easy to professionally edit your videos.

Staring at videos for hours is hard on your eyes, but the PD322OU takes care of this with its blue light filters. Add in the ZeroFlicker technology, and you don’t have to worry about damaging your eyes.

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Best BenQ Monitor for Photo Editing

BenQ SW271C

The BenQ SW271C has everything you need to professionally edit photos. IPS and AQ color technology produce crisp, detailed images with astonishing realistic colors. You get 99 percent of Adobe RGB coverage, and the monitor is factory set. All that is left for you is to make a few minor adjustments.

The Palette Master Element software is calibrated to the hardware. Combined with HDR10 and HLG support, you get inky blacks and bright whites in all of your photos. Want your printed photos to have the same amazing realistic colors? The monitor comes with technology that allows you to match the screen to print colors. You waste less printer ink and save time.

The SW271C comes with a detachable shading hood. It is a convenient accessory when you are comparing and editing photos. It blocks out ambient light that can hide blemishes or distort colors.

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Best BenQ Monitor for Graphic Design

BenQ PD2700U

With the BenQ PD2700U, you get everything you need to create amazing graphic designs. The monitor is ready to go out of the box. Just connect your devices and start working on your next artistic project.

The wide viewing angle allows you to see more of the images, and its anti-glare technology protects your eyes during long projects.

HDR10 support allows you to view your content in HDR. You see exactly how the video will look during editing. You don’t have to worry about surprises with the finished project. Along with Darkroom animation, CAD/CAM, and DualView technology, the monitor also has a picture-in-picture mode. Everything you need for graphics comes with the BenQ monitor.

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Best Budget BenQ Monitor

BenQ GW2780

One of the best BenQ monitors, if you are on a budget, is the BenQ GW2780. It proves you can find a quality monitor at an affordable price. Even though it is budget-friendly, you are not giving up image quality or handy features.

You get a wide viewing angle, 1080p resolution, and onboard speakers. You can’t rock out with the speakers, but they work great for movies, YouTube videos, and TV shows.

It boasts a slim design ideal for cramped workspaces. The 27-inch screen is large enough so you won’t need to scroll side-to-side to see all of the content. It also comes with an innovative cable management system. You can hide external cables inside the monitor stand. If you like a neat desk, the monitor has you covered. You can also mount the monitor on the wall.

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Best 4K BenQ Monitor

BenQ EW3270U

The BenQ EW3270U boasts a 4K resolution for incredibly sharp images. You see every detail in bright and dark scenes. HDR technology increases the dynamic contrast ratio for crisp blacks and whites. To ensure optimal image clarity, it also comes with brightness intelligence plus technology. The monitor automatically adjusts color and brightness to match the ambient light in the room.   

Multiple HDMI and USB ports ensure you can connect your external devices. There is also a port for video content.

Staring at the bright screen is hard on your eyes, but BenQ takes care of this with zero-flicker and blue light technology. You won’t have to worry about eye strain after staring at the monitor for a few hours.

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Best Ultrawide BenQ Monitor

BenQ PD3420Q

The BenQ PD3420Q is an ultrawide 34-inch monitor. With 33 percent more screen real estate, simultaneous viewing of multiple documents is practical. It is ideal for editing, graphic design, and anything else you need a wide viewing angle.

Like most BenQ monitors, it comes with AQ color technology. You get accurate colors across the Rec. 709 and sRGB spectrums. Colors are bright and vivid without appearing washed out. Its accuracy is verified before the monitor goes in the box.

Along with multiple HDMI ports, it also comes with a USB-C input. You get impressive speed from all connected devices. Transfer photos and videos faster, and upload content in milliseconds. It also comes with several editing modes, along with one that supports M-Book color.

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Best Eye-Care BenQ Monitor

BenQ EW2780Q

The BenQ EW2780Q is designed for anyone that worries about their eyes. BenQ understands the dangers of repeated eye strain, and it is evident in this monitor.

It comes with multiple features, all designed to relieve eye strain. Blue light filters and flicker-free technology are standard with most BenQ monitors, but the EW2780Q takes it a step further. Color weakness features prevent colors from being displayed too brightly. It automatically tones it down without washing images out.

2K resolution ensures images are sharp and detailed, and you don’t have to worry about color accuracy. HDR technology produces realistic colors without bleeding or fading.

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Points to Consider Before Buying a BenQ Monitor

Before you buy the first BenQ monitor you see, consider the following points.

Monitor Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal

Most consumers prefer horizontal monitors, but it may not fit in your space. Look at your layout before choosing a monitor.

Monitor Size

Monitors typically range from 19 inches up to 34 inches. Unless you enjoy the compact screen size of your tablet or MacBook, you want your monitor to measure at least 27 inches. It is wide enough to have dual screens without taking over your desk.

Monitor Resolution

You have options when it comes to resolution, ranging from Full HD to 2K and 4K. 4K resolution is the optimal choice but it may not be compatible with all operating systems. Scaling can be an issue with Windows, but you won’t have any issues with a Mac OS.

Additional Consideration Points

How many windows do you need to open at once?

Do you need a browser and email open or multiple editing modes? The number of windows you have open at the same time determines the screen size and its capabilities. Look for a monitor that can handle your workload.

Will you be gaming?

Refresh rate is key for gamers. Look for a monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher to ensure smooth frame-by-frame action.

What number of monitors is ideal for you?

Look at your space and consider your work. Do you use more than one monitor? If so, size is an important aspect to consider. If the monitor doesn’t fit with the rest of your components on your desk, it may be a waste of money.


It’s always a good idea to ask questions. It helps ensure you are getting the right monitor for your needs.

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