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Best 32-Inch Monitors for Work

Denis Leskovets
Denis Leskovets

Productivity Optimization Geek

man working on a large 32 inch computer monitor

Most professionals spend an average of six and a half hours a day behind a computer screen. Working from home or at the office, we are between Zoom meetings, catching up on email, and are glued to a monitor.

Investing in your display can aid productivity and your physical health. It’s also one of the easiest purchases you can make to substantially improve eye comfort, multitasking, and work efficiency.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of a 32-inch display, consider your desk setup and how much space you have. In most cases, a 32-inch monitor will fit without any issues. Desks which have low-elevation storage (such as cubicles) may not be able to get away with them.

Take note that LG is the clear winner with their 32-inch displays dominating the category in almost all aspects. Our opinions are our own and LG did not have a say or sponsor this article.

Best 32-Inch Monitors for Office Work

Our top office work contenders for all the business apps you use. At 32 inches, you are able to open 2 full-sized apps side by side. This creates a sizeable bump in productivity, but we aware that head-turning will be more prevelant.

Best 32-Inch 4K Monitor for Office Work

Best For: Excel, Word, PDF, Email, Web Browsing, Data Processing

LG 32UD60-B

Those who want to get down to business without any flashy extras should look at LG’s 32UD60-B. Workers who need to settle down and get to business will enjoy this display’s 4K resolution and large screen size.

Because of 4K resolution, reading text on web pages and emails in Outlook will be much easier on the eyes than the industry standard screen. The monitor includes a height-adjustable stand but no tilt or pivot. Excel users will also enjoy the screen space, as it allows you to work in large spreadsheets without needing to zoom in.

But, when we say “no-frills,” we mean it. This panel only includes two ports for connectivity, HDMI and DisplayPort. Its refresh rate meets the industry standard, clocking in at 60Hz. If you prefer to get more mileage out of your display beyond surfing the web, such as casual gaming, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Some users have reported a few issues with these displays. Occasional reports of harsh light bleed with dark colors, paired with poor color accuracy, make this a tough pick for content consumption.

What We Love

It’s a basic display that doesn’t come with anything additional beyond its size and resolution, making it excellent for those who just need to work with minimal distractions.

4K displays are hard to come by at this price point, more so at this size.

Things To Consider

Anyone who wants to get more mileage out of their display beyond work will find this display lacking, most often with content consumption including Youtube or Netflix.

Several owners have reported bad light bleed with these displays and inaccurate color accuracy out of the box.

Best Budget 32-Inch 2K Monitor for Office Work

Best For: Excel, Word, PDF, Email, Web Browsing, Data Processing

LG 32QN600-B

This is another display offers just the fundamentals, with a few key differences compared to the previous LG. If 4K resolution isn’t critical, this panel provides a 2K display and a higher refresh rate, clocking in at 75hz.

It’s unfortunate LG decided not to include any ergonomic options for this display. It doesn’t have any stand adjustments, but the 2K resolution improves over 1080p to reduce eye strain and is generally much more pleasing to work with. Even at a 2K resolution, those working with data entry or clerical work will find the resolution useful along with plenty of screen space at 32 inches.

Some users have even reported the included stand is too weak to hold up the monitor, but these concerns are not common. From our experience, LG’s stands tend to take up a bit of room on a desk, so be wary of your real estate.

Casual gamers and those who want to watch videos after hours will find this display handy since even despite the average refresh rate, it does have stellar color accuracy for content consumption. Furthermore, it offers good connectivity with 2 HDMI ports and a DisplayPort to connect to consoles or peripherals when needed.

What We Love

Not only does the display offer 2K resolution, but it also comes with 99% sRGB color accuracy for vibrant, true colors while surfing the web or working in PowerPoint.

Finding a 2K Display with this refresh rate and HDR at this price point is a high value.

Things To Consider

The included stand offers no ergonomic options, which means you may need a VESA mount if you’re concerned about neck pain.

Several owners have reported dead pixels on their panels out of the box and inaccurate colors.

Best 32-Inch Monitors for Professional Work

These monitors are for the workers at the higher echelon of society where workflow efficiency, comfort, color gamut, and pixel detail are critical.

Best 32-Inch 4K Monitor for Professional Work

Best For: Programming, Engineering, Architecture, R&D, Science, Publishing, Stock Trading, Medical

LG 32UP83A-W

Creative professionals and those who work with 3D models (such as Architects and Engineers in SketchUp) will find this monitor ideal. Not only does it offer an excellent color gamut with 95% DCI-P3 coverage, but it also sports 4K resolution to fit everything you need on-screen for detail critical work, such as large spreadsheets or SketchUp models.

Day traders often use this monitor as the large screen size allows them to fit trackers such as thinkorswim alongside financial reports. Plus, the high resolution makes reading text easier on the eyes in the long run.

LG also brings us excellent connectivity with this monitor. It offers four different display inputs and two USB ports, but they don’t work as a KVM switch. However, these ports make it easy to use external storage to take your work with you or collaborate with others.

What We Love

Two USB ports paired with four display inputs means you can turn your desk into a multimedia centerpiece.

The included stand offers perfect ergonomics, height adjustment being the most crucial aspect.

Things To Consider

Some users have reported their displays lacked proper brightness settings or ended up with light bleed.

Several reports of washed-out or inaccurate colors out of the box can be detrimental to those who need color accuracy.

Best Budget 32-Inch 4K Monitor for Professional Work

Best For: Accounting, Architecture, Consulting, Programming, Engineering, R&D, Publishing, Stock Trading, Medical

LG 32UN650-W

For those who don’t want to break the bank on a display, LG’s got you covered. The only features you’re missing cater more to creatives and gamers at this price point.

The included ergonomic stand is stellar, offering height adjustment and tilt. However, those thinking of flipping it vertically for researching or writing whitepapers will be disappointed.

Of course, we can’t go without mentioning the excellent pixel density from a 4K display. Architects and engineers will be able to fit their projects in AutoCAD on the screen without missing any critical details. Text is also sharp and easy to read for those editing PDFs or data entry.

Once again, LG’s quality control seems as if they’re under fire. Several reports of dead pixels from new displays and difficulty from LG’s customer support to process replacements for these panels have surfaced. Some have also complained about brightness issues, but these are less prevalent.

What We Love

It’s challenging to find a panel offering this resolution and color accuracy at this price point, and it even has ergonomics.

Those who want to blow off some steam after work will enjoy this display’s HDR support and AMD FreeSync for casual gaming and watching movies.

Things To Consider

Nobody wants dead pixels on their display, and LG seems to have had some issues with several panels in this size category.

Thanks to the panel’s backlight bleeding from the edges, you won’t be getting true blacks despite the deep color gamut.

Best 32-Inch Monitors for Color Critical Work

Color is a different beast and needs to be addressed separately. Our picks by EIZO and Asus will bleed color if you cut them and were manufactured specifically for colorists.

These units are investments and are not for the undecided on their main passion or business.

Best 32-Inch 4K Monitor for Color Critical Work

Best For: Video and Photo Editing, Color Grading, Graphic Design, Apparel Design, Architectural Design

Eizo EV3285

Anyone who needs supreme color accuracy should know of this brand. EIZO is the granddaddy for color work, and with good reason. They neglected to include the specific color gamut for this model; instead, listing it as sRGB with no percentage. You will need to calibrate this monitor with an external color calibrator for the best color accuracy.

Of course, designers and photo editors will enjoy the panel’s high resolution, ensuring they don’t miss a single detail. While the refresh rate is low, this won’t impact those working with Blender or SketchUp unless they are trying to animate.

This panel offers some unique ergonomic features which are rare to see in consumer tech. There’s a built-in light sensor that will automatically adjust the screen’s brightness based on your surrounding area. It also comes with a built-in blue light filter, helping to reduce eye strain.

Eizo also offers a powered USB hub with a USB-C input, charging your MacBook as well as two downstream USB ports for external devices. Designers who need to take their work to go or prefer to keep a drawing tablet and a keyboard will find this quite useful.

Best Budget 32-Inch 4K Monitor for Color Critical Work

Best For: Video and Photo Editing, Color Grading, Graphic Design, Apparel Design, Architectural Design


For those who can’t quite justify the steep price of an Eizo display, ASUS offers a comparable monitor at a fraction of the cost. This panel provides the same resolution, refresh rate, and connectivity options as the Eizo – a powered USB-C hub with two USB ports, two HDMI ports, and one DisplayPort input.

ASUS also lists this as having 100% sRGB,100% Rec. 909, and 98% DCI-P3 color gamuts, meaning your colors will cover the entire spectrum for digital work. It’s also Calman Verified for color accuracy, making it the right choice for designers and photo/video editors.

It is important to note some users have reported issues with the USB-C port not delivering any picture from MacBook Pros and Mac Minis. We’ve seen this issue before with other displays, most often due to unofficial Apple Thunderbolt cables. We recommend using official Apple products for display inputs, to prevent any potential issues.

What We Love

This comes with all the features any creative needs for color-critical work at this price point.

Not only does the default stand offer stellar ergonomics, but it also includes a C-clamp that can be attached to your desk for better desk space while offering the same ergonomic features.

Things To Consider

Several owners have stated their displays don’t work with USB-C display input from various Mac devices. This is most likely a USB-C cable issue.

Best 32-Inch Monitor for Work and Gaming

Sometimes you just gotta have it all.

Best 32-Inch 2K Monitor for Work and Gaming

Best For: Professionals Who Game... I'm looking at you Linus.


Anyone who may want to blow off some steam after work or mix some business with pleasure should check this monitor out.

Not only does it offer 2K, but it also sports a fast 165hz refresh rate which means crisp and smooth visuals across the board. Whether you’re playing Elden Ring later this month or making your way through Dying Light 2 and Fortnite, this panel’s ultra-low response time will give you an edge over the rest.

This panel is a stellar choice for professionals, too. Thanks to its resolution and refresh rate, those who work in Blender or AutoCAD will be able to see fine details with high FPS.

It offers fantastic connectivity in the form of a DisplayPort and two HDMI ports, as well as a powered USB-C port. The monitor also includes three USB ports as a KVM switch, which is ideal for those going from their work PC to their gaming PC.

The only real downside to this monitor is Gigabyte’s quality control. Several users have received units with dead pixels, and some pretty severe backlight bleed on some units. Yet if you’re lucky enough to get a good panel, this is a killer value for these specs.

What We Love

At this price point, it’s hard to argue against these specs; it blows most competitors out of the water.

Anyone who has to switch between their work computer and home computer wants to consider a KVM display, which supports one more port than usual.

Things To Consider

This panel would be an absolute steal if Gigabyte opted for a 4K panel instead.

Gigabyte doesn’t seem to escape the same issues LG has, with several reports of dead or stuck pixels on new displays.

Dual Monitors For Work Productivity

The option to have multiple windows open across multiple screens is a great asset, regardless of your job. Having the chance to use collaboration tools such as Slack or Teams while switching between applications can increase productivity by up to 30%.

Of course, not everyone has the space or budget for twin 32-inch monitors, as they are on the larger end of the monitor market. Yet if you have the area or the chance to upgrade your setup, it’s a worthy investment, especially considering the productivity output increase.

You can opt to include a smaller second screen, choosing to pivot it to portrait mode for easier text consumption if needed.

Points to Consider Before Buying a 32-Inch Work Monitor

You should never forget that not all monitors are alike. There are plenty of situations where one person may need a different feature over another.

What type of work will the monitor be used for?

Anyone working with color-critical work, such as photo/video editors and designers, will prioritize the color gamut. This is important for those who work with Adobe Creative Suite or Final Cut.

If you tend to work in office software including Excel and Outlook, resolution becomes a higher priority. A higher resolution will reduce eye fatigue and make the text much sharper overall.

What ergonomic features do you need?

It’s essential for a display to have some ergonomic features if you’re stuck behind it for extended periods. Eye strain and neck pain can become severe issues in the long run, so it’s best to prevent it early.

We already mentioned higher resolution being better for eye strain, but monitors which can pivot to a portrait view can make the text easier to consume.

Height adjustment is an essential ergonomic feature for most, as a properly placed monitor can reduce neck strain and eye strain together.

What are your dealbreaker, must-have features?

Depending on your job’s needs, you may need some specific features or specs to perform your best work. If you’re spending long hours in front of a computer you will want to prioritize ergonomic features such as height adjustment or blue-light filters.

Those who spend plenty of time in 3D programs, whether creating in SketchUp or blowing off some steam in games, should look for high refresh rates to prevent screen tearing.

Creatives should also look for color accuracy as their most important feature. This is even more important for those whose work is printed versus just published digitally.


Questions about 32-inch monitors for work? We have the answers.

Of course, it’s infrequent to see a monitor that comes with good built-in speakers these days. LG does an okay job with their 32UP83A-W model, but it’s best as a backup audio source. If you want crystal clear audio, look for some external speakers instead.

If 32-inch monitors are too large for your current space, there are plenty of other options. You can check out our guide to the best monitor size for office work and see what works for you.

There’s no one single answer to this. It depends on your workspace, needs, and applications you use. We covered some of the best monitors for eye strain, but other preventative measures should be taken too.

As a good rule of thumb, try the 20-20-20- rule:

Every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Depending on the size of your workspace, 32-inches are about as large as you can go in a typical office. Those who may be cramped into smaller cubicles may not be able to get away with these displays, however.

According to Ergotron, you should position yourself at least 20 inches away from your eyes, about your arm’s length. They also recommend having your monitor’s top bezel being no higher than your eye level.