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The Best 27-Inch Monitors

Denis Leskovets
Denis Leskovets

Productivity Optimization Geek

The amount of time we spend eyeballing screens has skyrocketed to up to 12 hours a day. With computing becoming vital to most work environments, a comfortable monitor viewing experience has become paramount for work performance.

As more tasks become digital, the proper setup can boost productivity at work. We recommend opting for a 27″ monitor since the larger screen will help with multitasking, multiple viewing layouts, and increase productivity.

Here are the best 27 inch monitors we recommend.

The 2TB68A8 is a work of art that also happens to be a stellar 4K monitor. All allure, all brains.

The link above is for an Amazon Renewed listing. In this case, we recommend the renewed route due to the sizable price difference and the unit being double tested for dead pixels. For the new listing, click here.



Hewlett Packard has been making computers, monitors, and other technology hardware for nearly five decades. The HP Business Z27 27″ LED LCD Monitor is a remarkable product that is bolstered by HP’s history and experience.

The LED LCD display is as clear and sharper than most monitors on the market. The single USB-C cable design allows for easy cord management while also providing clarity and multi-functioning control.

Hewlett Packard is known for its rigorous testing and standards, ensuring that the Z27 model will be reliable and function properly over its lifetime.

HP has hit a home run with the Z27. With scores of positive reviews online and many sites praising its ease of use and incredible clarity, the HP Z27 is our top pick for overall quality and reliability.

The U279W-4000R is a testament of what a value display can deliver for the price. It’s not much, but just enough if you need 4K.



4K display is all the rage, and for a good reason. The crystal clear images and resolution of the Sceptre IPS 27-inch monitor rivals that of the world’s best televisions and laptops. 

With a whopping 8-million pixels, the 4K display has nearly four times the pixels of past 1080p resolution screens. With such clarity, you’d expect a shiny price tag, but this 27” monitor is surprisingly affordable.

With custom display settings, a good refresh rate, and multiple display ports, this monitor is a good screen, functional and does what is asked of it. However, do not expect to achieve great color accuracy. Colors are good, but not great.

The U2719D delivers a high resolution 2K display in a tight, business class package. Great upgrade over a 1080p work monitor.



Is 4K too much but display clarity is important? The U2719D is a 2K monitor that can save you some money while providing a great quality image. Side-by-side, there is a noticeable difference when comparing 4K and 2K resolution. However, on its own, a 2K display is sharp enough for most workers.

The Dell UltraSharp series is an affordable, no-nonsense monitor that will not disappoint. On-screen adjustments and multi-angle screen adjustability allow for easy customization. The UltraSharp hits a nice t-junction between form, function, and price. This is why many corporate offices are filled with them.

It is difficult to beat the Dell UltraSharp series when looking for a solid monitor for general work functions. The picture is consistently great, the adjustable stand is the one of the best on the market, and the setup is easy and simple.

The VA27EHE is the best value for a 27″ work monitor. Bang for your buck juggernaut.



Just a little while ago, frameless monitors cost an arm and a leg. The time has come when even affordable monitor can look seductive. Beginning with the design, the VA27EHE packs a value punch.

Asus is known for its affordable and reliable computer hardware. The 1080p IPS screen display is on par with most expensive counterparts, including fantastic viewing angles for the budget. Connectivity includes the basics, a HDMI and VGA port, you will be able to pair with most computers.

For the price, the Asus VA27EHE monitor does most things great. It’s simple to use right out of the box, and it will give you a good picture without much need for customization. 

The CB271H offers height adjustability and built-in speakers.



The Acer CB271H 1080p monitor comes with built-in speakers for those who need them, and unlike most other displays at this price point, the monitor is height and tilt adjustable. In terms of connectivity, we have a DVI port alongside the HDMI and VGA ports. 

This is a solid budget performer for work-related use. The display adjustability by itself is worth the small investment over other slightly cheaper monitors to reduce neck craning over the long term.

Why Use a 27-Inch Monitor?

If you use your computer for nothing but email, a large monitor might not seem necessary. However, for today’s working adults, using your computer for work often means using various programs at once. 

You probably have various programs running at the same, including your mailbox, collaboration tools, and other business apps. This is where a larger monitor really makes a difference. 

A larger screen allows you to get the most out of the split view and display two or more applications simultaneously to make it easy to switch between windows effortlessly. You can also set up your 27” monitor as a second screen for a laptop or small desktop monitor to view information on a larger screen.

With a 27-inch monitor, you can spend your time efficiently and ensure better collaboration between projects.

The right monitor does far more for your work than giving you more screen space – it provides you freedom of virtual movement.

Benefits of Choosing a Large Monitor for Work

Whether you work in tech, finance, or just use your computer for simple tasks, a 27” monitor can make your life easier. Some of the benefits of choosing a 27” monitor include:

See More at a Glance

When comparing, compiling, or collaborating, a large monitor allows you to see more at a glance. Being able to display an entire spreadsheet or seeing a complex analytics dashboard on a larger screen will help you grasp the big picture and make better decisions.

If you’re a multitasker, a 27” monitor is large enough to display multiple programs but compact enough as to not overtake your desk!


Self-care may not be your first thought when buying a new monitor, but it should be! Having a larger monitor can reduce strain on your eyes and, if set up appropriately, will help with your posture as well. 

A 27” monitor will not only help your posture but can also relieve strain on your eyes. If you’re constantly working on a smaller desktop or laptop monitor, you may inadvertently be too close to your monitor, which can create a burden on your eyes and your neck. 

Upgrade Your Workstation With a Second Monitor

We are better at what we do when we have a reference point. If you’re writing an email, paper, or simply doing research, being able to reference your sources via a second monitor makes your writing more coherent and can cut down on wasted time referencing other materials. 

When a worker uses a second monitor, their productivity rises 20-30%. Since nearly all jobs use computers and software to perform work, a second screen may be an investment that ultimately pays back in added output or saved time. 

Our Tips for Using a 27-Inch Monitor

The key to getting the most out of a 27” monitor is understanding how to use a larger screen or dual monitor setup to your benefit.

If you opt for a dual monitor setup, you should always have a dominant screen and work off this screen most of the time. The second monitor should be a reference monitor for quick viewing.

To ensure you’re getting the most from your monitor, use these tips:

When customizing  your setup, you will increase productivity with little to no adjustment to your normal working habits. 

Do You Need a Dual Monitor Setup?

If you’ve been working on one screen for most of your life, you may think that investing in a new monitor may not be worth the cost. Beyond the productivity boost associated with a second screen, there are other benefits to having a second monitor. 

Working from home has become more prevalent among the general workforce. In a recent study, 56% of jobs were deemed possible to work from home. This trend is only growing. 

Many who work from home lack the proper equipment that was once available to them in their office space. Monitors always make the list of most desired home-office supplies. However, many workers are still typing away using their laptop or desktop monitor alone. 

Is it worth it to upgrade and get a 27-inch dual monitor for your work? Consider that a second monitor can help with posture, improve productivity, and help make your home office complete.

Working with a second monitor is akin to sleeping on a nice mattress; once you try it, it’s hard to go back.

How to Choose the Best 27-Inch Monitor

Choosing the right monitor depends on several factors. You must consider your budget, your needs, and your current hardware. 

Different monitors function differently depending on the computer you’re using. Monitors also vary in resolution, size, and shape. 

If your work involves financial statements, excel sheets, detailed analysis of blueprints or small details and the like, a larger monitor with a high resolution 2K/1440p or 4K will be your best bet due to small pixels resulting in a finer image

Every office is different, so making sure the style and specifications of your monitor meet your spatial needs is important. 

Finally, you want to be sure you don’t end up with a lemon. Many companies make many variations of computer monitors. Finding the right one means researching what others like and don’t like about specific models. 

Wrapping Up

There are various attributes to consider when buying a 27-inch monitor for work. Given the need for adjustability, comfort, and clear picture, the HP Z27 monitor checks off all the boxes!

Investing in a 27” monitor will help you be more productive and better suited to work from anywhere. A pixelated screen or an immovable display may hinder these benefits. The HP Z27 offers outstanding picture, various compatibility attributes, and an easily adjustable and customizable screen. Though there are many quality products to consider, the HP Z27 is my choice for the best 27-inch monitor for work.